1. Send us your product and we'll feature it on our live online TV show.


2. After we approve your product, our bank approves your product, and our merchant approves your product, we will feature your product on our live online TV show, and you will then get to watch all of the sales come in Live, as if you were the store owner. 


3. The replay of our show where we showcase your product or products will become a replay video, where new potential customers can learn about your product we featured, and it will be listed inside of our marketplace forever, or for as long as you have the items available.


4. We will work a wholesale partnership deal with you that we promise you will love.


5. This store owner back office portal allows you to list, watch, and sell your products with us, but once again, this is only after you send us your products to share on our live online television show.  We have this store owner portal simply for transparency, so you can watch the sales of your products come in with us every day, all day.


6. You will get an email and notification every single time one of your products sell.


7. Go ahead and sign up as an Elevated Legacy Store owner for free today, and jump inside of your back office portal, to see what your professional Elevated Legacy seller and store owner back office portal looks and feels like today.


8. Want to get "ahead of the game" and get your products on the live online TV show fast?


7. Send us your products to our studio right now at:


Elevated Legacy LLC

5614 NW 60th Street

Kansas City, MO 64151


Contact us fast, by texting us personally at:


...if you have any questions at all.


8. Sending us your products right now, will allow you to get the most important step of the selling process of your items done.


9. Sending us your products are the most exciting step because you will see your product showcased personally and professionally by our owners and business associates at


10. We look forward to seeing, feeling, experiencing, showcasing and selling your unique products to our elevated audience.



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